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Businesses that get a 1 day feature on SocialShopper receive tons of customers, literally overnight!

Why SocialShopper?

Customers, Customers & More Customers

Did we say customers? Our SocialShopper subscribers are looking for a reason to check out new things to buy, eat, see, and do in their city. We work with local businesses like you and provide our audience the chance to experience your business at a discount. The customer has a great reason to check your business out, and you'll have the chance to receive new customers and earn their loyalty. Can your business benefit from new customers ready to spend and refer others? Work with SocialShopper and we'll send these very same customers your way, literally overnight!

Huge Exposure & Great Word of Mouth

SocialShopper memberships increase on a daily basis. With a SocialShopper feature ad, we expose your business to our thousands of local and nationwide subscribers. Once they see your offer, our subscribers will spread your deal like wild fire. They'll inform friends, family, and co-workers via email and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. This creates a buzz about your business, even months after you feature your ad with us. Now that's what we call huge exposure, "SocialShopper" style!

Spotlight - All Eyes on Your Business

Your business is the shining star the day we feature your business. We'll have our talented writers & editors create a compelling write up of your business paired with images. SocialShopper tailors to your business' needs and represents your brand the best way possible. All eyes of our subscribing audience will be focused on your business the day it's featured. Only one business is featured each day, which means you won't share the spotlight with any other competitors. This spotlight feature allows your business to sell directly to thousands of customers eager to purchase. Don't be shy, being in the spotlight has never been so rewarding.

Win-Win-Win Solutions

SocialShopper Makes Dollars & Sense

We feature one business from each city each day. SocialShopper requires a set minimum of buyers to turn the deal on and can therefore guarantee each purchase being made. In fact, over half of our customers end up spending more than the actual SocialShopper voucher value they buy. Once at your establishment, our subscribers have shown to see other things they want to purchase, experience and buy. Once they have a great experience at your business they will become returning customers. They'll also be sure to refer all their family and friends, as well as post messages about your amazing business, which will bring you even more customers. Customers win - businesses win - we all win, it truly can't get better than that.

No Risky Business Here

In our current economy, businesses have enough to worry about, why add more risk? With SocialShopper we take the risk out of your marketing efforts and customer acquisition. SocialShopper actually pays you, rather than have you pay us upfront. How, you ask? Well, it's actually quite simple. We only get paid when you do and it doesn't cost you a cent to be featured with SocialShopper. Only after the minimum amount of buyers purchase your deal from us will the deal be on. If not enough people buy your deal, then you don't have to pay us anything and just earned your business a lot of advertising for free. Once the minimum buys are reached and the deal is on, we take a portion of the sales and send the rest of the money to you. Risk, stress, and headache free!

Comparison? There is no comparison!

Leave Traditional Marketing Behind. Join the SocialShopper Revolution

When was the last time you were guaranteed results from traditional marketing ads such as radio spot or TV commercial?

It's time to join the "SocialShopper" revolution and take advantage of how we can offer your business amazing exposure and sales literally overnight, and best of all, risk free with no upfront cost on your end.

  Does your business want to SocialShopper TV/Radio Online/
Receive new customers guaranteed?
Advertise to subscribers who are smart, have money to spend, and growing daily?
Spend money only on actual customers that your ad brings in, risk free?
Have the spotlight all to yourself and be the only business featured?
Receive endless amount of referrals via word of mouth and social media?

Take Advantage of the SocialShopper Revolution!

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Business FAQ

What does it cost to be featured on SocialShopper? SocialShopper is a risk free solution to businesses and costs you nothing up front or out of pocket, unlike other marketing methods such as (radio spots, TV commercials, etc.) which ask you to pay upfront for advertising and don't guarantee you any customers.

After featured, how do businesses get paid? We simply process the sales of your businesses featured deal through, collect the payment from customers, email them the vouchers, and then send you a check.

So how does SocialShopper make any money? It's actually very simple, we only win if you win. Meaning when you are working with SocialShopper you only pay for customers we actually send your way. We only take a % of the revenue from the vouchers we sell on your behalf, and your business gets all of the rest.

How soon can my business be featured? SocialShopper has a team who decides when each business will get featured based on a few factors from our experience to ensure that your business is featured at the best date in order to get best exposure and response from our subscribers. Rest assured, we keep the lines of communication open and contact you in advance to ensure your business has a heads up notice before we feature you, so that you are fully prepared for the increase of customers which will be sent to your business.