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$45 for a One-Year Exclusive Membership for Half Off Food at Participating Restaurants in Vancouver and Whistler (Value $110.88)

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Foodie Card


  • One-year exclusive membership for half-off food at participating restaurants in Vancouver and Whistler
  • Two options for a discount - 50% off the food bill, or 2 meals for the price of 1
  • 30 participating restaurants currently listed, with other restaurants being added each month
  • Simplest way to dine on a budget, just show the personalized Foodie Card at the Foodie partner venues to receive a discount
  • Valid for party sizes of 2 or 4 people (depending on the venue)
  • Please check list of participating restaurants and rules
  • Join Vancouver's newest dining club and unleash the foodie within you!
  • Redeem online:

Fine Print

  • No limit on vouchers purchased per person or as gifts, buy as many as you like!
  • Redeem online:
  • Participating restaurants and rules:
  • Redeemable starting Jan. 11, 2013
  • Expires in 3 months - April 11, 2013
  • Voucher must be redeemed by expiration date, membership then expires 12 months from activation date
  • Tax and shipping included within Canada and USA (please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery)

Kids of all ages love seeing magicians do card tricks and make things magically disappear. And now you can do your own card tricks, except you’ll be making half of your restaurant bill disappear with today's SocialShopper deal: $45 for a one-year exclusive membership for half off food at participating restaurants in Vancouver and Whistler from Foodie Card (value $110.88). That’s some practical magic.

With your new Foodie Card, you’ll be welcomed into a secret society of flavor, where your discerning palate can feast upon all the finest delicacies in Vancouver and Whistler for prices that are just as tasty. Currently, 30 restaurants have joined this culinary cabal, offering you 50% discounts or two-for-one entrees deals on anything from their food menus. Your personalized Foodie Card gets you access to all these delights, as often as you want for the entire year. And more restaurants are joining each month, so there will always new delicious deals for you to sink your teeth into.

Whether you’re a new foodie or an O.G. (that’s Original Gourmand), we know you want to keep your wallet as full as your belly. That’s why this deal includes tax and shipping, anywhere within Canada or the USA. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that nothing tastes better than a great deal on great food. Take a bite and see for yourself. Foodie Card and SocialShopper: two great tastes that taste awesome together.


Foodie Card
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Redeem Online


"The best thing to come along since sliced bread. I keep 3 things in my wallet. My license, My credit card and my foodie card. nothing else.It has paid for itself 10 times over. A must for anyone."
- Nick T. (Client Testimonials)

"Wow,wow,wow. Simply amazing. the discounts are sweet and the restaurants are very tasty. Love the Mexican Ponchos restaurant and cant wait to taste the upscale food at Herons. I am a huge foodie card lover and have never been happier since discovering this gem of a card."
Abby H. (Client Testimonials)

"I do not dine out at many different venues as I’m a creature of habit and I know what I love, but since I have had the Foodie Card It has allowed my wife and I to eat out more often at different locations discovering foods I have never tasted before and I love it. Worth every penny!"
- Josh M. (Client Testimonials)

SS Says

5 Reasons Great Taste is Unlimited with Foodie Card

1. Paying full price will leave a bad taste in your mouth. It’s a scientific-ish “fact.”

2. New restaurants are joining every month, which means your card will actually increase in value. If only all investments were so dependable.

3. Are you the type who always has a special order? We are, too. That’s why this deal gives you the choice of two-for-one or 50% off. Also, you can get the pickles on the side.

4. Giving this gift is a great way to get invited to dinner. That’s a win-win.

5. Every restaurant is different, so be sure to check and see what’s up with your favorite spot before you head over. Might as well check the specials, too!

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Jan 6, 2013

@Sandy - Thank you for your question. It is valid for the whole total bill, please find more detailed information on how to use your card here Enjoy!

Sandy Cheung
Jan 5, 2013

How do we use the card? Just present it to the server? and is it half off the whole bill or just half off entrees? it's hard to decide whether to get them before knowing more details of the deal..

Jan 4, 2013

@Everyone- Hello again guys! Everything is up and running right now so please go ahead and check the list of participating restaurants. Also please keep in mind that the list will constantly grow on a weekly basis and there will be many more venues added throughout this whole year. Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions.

Lisa Johnson
Jan 4, 2013

Thanks Alina - I understand now. Once the links are working for the list of restaurants I will decide.

Jan 4, 2013

@Everyone - Hello guys! Sorry for the inconvenience. Due to a huge amount of traffic to the website,it is temporarily down and the merchant's IT team is working on it right now to put it back up. Please stay tuned as I will post on the discussion board as soon as it is up and running. Thank you for your patience.

Jan 4, 2013

@Lisa Johnson -Thank you for your question.The expiration of the deal (3months) is the time during which you need to redeem your voucher and exchange it for a personalized card. From that moment your card is valid for 1 year.

Sharon Yu
Jan 4, 2013

Hi. Both of the links don't work for me either :(

Danielle Buhler
Jan 4, 2013

The links to the foodie card site don't work, nor do the links to the list of participating restaurants. FAIL. Nobody will want to buy a deal when the business can't even get their website running properly!

Sandy Cheung
Jan 4, 2013

Hi, I tried to click into the list of resturants participating in this deal from your site, the link doesn't work? How do we use this card in the resturants? Does each resturant have their own restrictions on how to use the card? Thx

Jennifer L.
Jan 4, 2013

None of the links seem to work; keep getting a "Permission Denied" error.

Lisa Johnson
Jan 4, 2013

Why does ir offer an "exclusive one year membership" and then it says it epires in April 2013?

Jan 3, 2013

Hello Social Shoppers! I am super excited to have this great deal for you today - now you can get a deal at a restaurant every day throughout the whole year! We all love discounts, so join the Vancouver Newest Dining Club and enjoy your favorite places every day at a half price. I agree, this is crazy, so I am getting one for myself for sure. Also this will make just an awesome gift for any of your friends, relatives, colleagues and they all will be grateful every single time they dine out. Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions.
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