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Art-and-Tapas Dining Experience for One or Two with Small Canvases & Tasting Plates at Raw Canvas in Yaletown (Up to 52% Off)




Up to
- 52%


This deal closed on July 5, 2013


 Choose from 2 Options:

- $36 for an art-and-tapas dining experience for one, includes one small canvas & one tasting plate (value $72)

- $69 for an art-and-tapas dining experience for two, includes two small canvases & two tasting plates (value $144)

  • Vancouvers premier restaurant studio with an art and tapas dining experience
  • Amazing menu paired with an amazing experience
  • Free your inner artist in the painting area
  • Eco-friendly restaurant-studio approach to both visual expression and bodily nourishment, stocking up on paints made on Granville Island and culinary ingredients culled from local family farms
  • Guests sip craft beers and complex wines as they marvel at Raw Canvas's gallery of original paintings by local artists, or admire the patron-conceived masterpieces that adorn the walls of the painting pit
  • Canvas pricing includes smocks, paint, brushes, and cleanup
  • Perfect activity for date night!
  • Amazing reviews with a solid 4-star rating on yelp!
  • Convenient central Yaletown location


Fine Print

  • Limit 1 voucher per person
  • No limit on vouchers purchased as gifts, buy as many as you like!
  • Valid only for option purchased
  • Reservations required and will be accepted by email only, please email: 
  • Not valid with other offers or for existing reservations
  • Redeemable starting June 14, 2013
  • Expires on Aug. 31,  2013
  • Tax and gratuity not included (will be calculated on discounted price $36 or $69)


Raw Canvas

Dieticians say that we “eat with our eyes,” which sounds horrifying until you remember it’s just a metaphor and it can’t hurt you. But if you want to delight your eyes as well as your taste buds, pick up one of today's SocialShopper deal options: Option 1 - $36 for an art and tapas dining experience for one, including one small canvas and one tasting plate (value $72) or Option 2 - $69 for an art and tapas dining experience for two, including two small canvases and two tasting plates (value $144) at Raw Canvas (up to 52% off)

An evening at Raw Canvas is more than just a feast for the senses, it is an experience. Fuel your passion with organic cheese and charcuterie plates, and feed your soul as you turn blank canvases into works of art in their painting area. Both the food and the paints are locally-produced and friendly to the environment, which is a beautiful thing. Mull that over while you enjoy craft beer and wine in the gallery, surrounded by original works by local artists as well as other guests just like you. Speaking of other guests just like you, over 50 of them have contributed to Raw Canvas’ solid four-star rating on yelp!

Come alone and chase your muse, or pick up the two-person option for an unforgettable evening out together. So bring your hunger for art and tapas, and Raw Canvas will take care of the rest. With this deal, they provide tapas to feed your body and all the art supplies you need to express the beauty in your soul. All this beauty at such a gorgeous price? We call that a masterpiece.


Solid 4-star rating on yelp

"Fun concept. I was just meeting a friend for drinks, so I didn't get to try out the painting, but looked like a good way to spend an evening in Vancouver (tipsy painting!).
The cocktails were a little on the sweet side, but the cheese plate was massive and tasty. Would order again. :)"
- Olive R. (yelp)

""Oh, hello, inner artist," says Raw Canvas. "Won't you come in and allow yourself to show?"
As your inner artist excitedly but cautiously enters the lounge, it will be eased at the notion that the inner hungry belly gets to perform first. Their delectable selection of cheese and charcuterie will set your stage, and leave you feeling satisfied as you head to the painting studio area. Oh, and don't forget to listen to your inner sommelier and grab another glass of wine on your way.
With several different sizes of canvas, each with a different price tag, your inner artist is encouraged to let loose and experiment with colours, textures, and techniques. Great music sets the inner dancer happily shared the stage with inner artist...they were great company, actually.
Wonderful date place, including a date with yourself...go for it....there is something for each 'inner' part of you."
- Renee C. (yelp)

"Is there any way I could love this place more?
Well, maybe if Jude Law worked there and spent the night flattering me. Ok, maybe not, I hear he's a DB... but he's pretty. So ANYWAY, I have nothing but rave reviews for this place. It's the #1 place I recommend people go when they come to town. Why? Here's my top six:
1) You get to hang out in a beautiful, warm, creative space.
2) You can create a fun keepsake of your trip (or nite, for the locals)
3) You'll have a blast making that keepsake (even if it's ugly, which mine are)
4) The wine, cheese, desserts, sammy's etc., are oh so tasty!
5) You'll meet new, fabulous, creative people
6) Painting is cheaper and more fun than therapy (c'mon people)
I've been here numerous times for birthdays and random parties and I've always had an incredibly memorable time. Come and paint. You'll like it."
- Cindi H. (yelp)

"Drink wine, socialize with friends, enjoy a large selection of food made with local and organic ingredients - all while unleashing your inner artist. At Raw Canvas, café by day, lounge by night, you buy a blank canvas and they provide the paint and brushes for you to create whatever your heart desires.
The space is in the heart of trendy Yaletown, with an open space concept and tasteful vintage furniture throughout. A quaint and welcoming place, Raw Canvas has the comfort of a parisian grandmother's living room but with a modern and eclectic vibe.
Canvases start at $40 each. Makes for a great date night or meeting place with friends."
- Amy C. (yelp)


Raw Canvas - (Yaletown)
Company Website
1046 Hamilton St.
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2R9

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SocialShopper Says

5 Reasons Things Are Cooking at Raw Canvas

1. Be sure not to mix up your tasting plate with the paint palette. Yeah, “Titanium White” does not taste the same as roasted brie.

2. Reservations are required to guarantee your spot. Your work will guarantee your place in art history.

3. Limit of one voucher per person, but no limit on gift vouchers. Share your passion!

4. Some people travel the world to find inspiration, but you can get yours at Raw Canvas’ convenient Yaletown location.

5. Taxes and gratuity are not included. But then again, all artists must suffer a little bit for their work.

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