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$23 for Two Under-Bed Shoe Racks, Tax and Shipping Included (Value $47.90)

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Two Under-Bed Shoe Racks


  • Two under-bed shoe racks
  • Twelve storage boxes per rack
  • Keeps shoes protected from bugs, dust and moisture
  • Material: nylon, PVC and non-woven polypropylene
  • Sturdy nylon handle
  • Clear zip
  • See-through cover
  • Size: 75cm x 60cm x 15cm

Fine Print

  • No limit on orders purchased per person or as gifts
  • Orders are delivered within 10-20 business days from the purchase date
  • Shipping included within Canada only
  • No redemption required. Please make sure your shipping address is accurate to avoid delays
  • Tax and shipping is included

When was the last time you checked under the bed for monsters? Probably quite some time ago. But maybe it’s not monsters that you’re really checking for when you’re looking under your bed, but your collections of shoes! Store your shoes with two of these space saving Under-Bed Shoe Racks! These keep your shoes protected and out of the way with a zip-up, see-through cover. You’ll be happy to check under your bed once you get yourself two of these!


This item has tax & shipping included
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Dec 18, 2015

Hi Pam

Sorry to hear about your experience, we value feed back from customers at Socialsh opper.
Please contact me at [email protected]

Pam Weist
Dec 17, 2015

This product was literally like tissue paper and is nothing like the picture. I am extremely disappointed in the quality and with the lack of customer service addressing the issue. I would like a refund as I agree with Aryn I could've bought something better at a dollar store.

Nov 26, 2015

Hi @Aryn, thanks for reaching out! Please tell us more by email us at info as we appreciate any feedback.

Nov 26, 2015

Not impressed with the Two underbed shoe racks.
That quality I could buy at the dollar store for a tenth of the price.

Oct 26, 2015

Hi @Steph, thanks for your inquiry! As stated in the fine print, you do not need to do anything else for redemption. Just as long as you entered your shipping address accurately, you should be seeing your package within 10-20 business days. Thanks!

Steph Papazian
Oct 24, 2015

Hi, I purchased the Groupon but want to know if it just gets shipped automatically or do I need to do anything else? I still haven't received anything.

Susan Costello
Oct 16, 2015

..thanks for your reply...

Oct 16, 2015

Hi @Susan, thanks for your inquiry! The compartments are 28cm (L)x12cm(W)x13cm(H). The vendor confirms that the shoe rack is made of soft material so there wouldn't be any damage to your stilettos. I hope this helps!

Susan Costello
Oct 15, 2015

Hello there:
I am wondering how wide are the compartments and would I be able to store stilettos comfortably without any damage.
Thank you.

Oct 9, 2015

Imagine this: 450 sq/ft apartment. 60 pairs of shoes = no space. Sound a little too familiar? Get organized and save some space for more important things, like that awesome real life-sized cardboard cutout of Ryan Reynolds or ScarJo. For only $23 you'll get 2 under-bed shoe racks with tax and shipping included! Please let me know if you have any questions.
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