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$16 for Pack of 2 Anti-Snore and Anti-Grind Mouth Guards, Tax and Shipping Included (Value $35)

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Anti-Snore and Anti-Grind Mouth Guards


  • Two anti-snore and anti-grind mouth guards
  • Prevents grinding of teeth and snoring
  • Made with soft silicone
  • Air Spring Base allows for comfortable variable bite opening
  • Ready-Form technology molds mouth gaurd to fit your mouth perfectly!
  • The mouthpiece gently hold your lower jaw in a slightly forward position while you sleep
  • This opens the airway in your throughout which helps reduce/eliminate snoring
  • Who is it for?
    • Designed for adults who wish to reduce their snoring volume while sleeping
    • Not suitable for children, epilepsy sufferers, anyone with tooth or gum problems or those with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

Fine Print

  • No limit on orders purchased per person or as gifts
  • No redemption required. Please make sure your shipping address is accurate to avoid delays
  • Orders are delivered within 3-5 weeks from the purchase date
  • Shipping included within Canada and US
  • All sales are final except if product is defective
  • Tax and shipping is included

Tired of having restless nights thanks to someone sawing logs in the night? Perhaps it’s time to gift them this Anti-Snore and Anti-Grind Mouth Guard! This mouth guard prevents grinding teeth and snoring by promoting an open airway while protecting your teeth with soft silicone. The mouthpiece gently holds your lower jaw in a slightly forward position as you sleep. This product is designed for adults only and is not suitable for children, persons diagnosed with epilepsy, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) or anyone who has tooth and gum problems.


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Dec 14, 2015

Hi @Cindy, thanks for reaching out! With the delivery window being 3-5 weeks, there's a possibility that it may not arrive by Christmas.

Cindy Yates
Dec 11, 2015

do you think this will arrive before Christmas?

Nov 10, 2015

Got problems sleeping? It could be that you're snoring or grinding your teeth! Fix that with today's SocialShopper deal: $16 for pack of 2 anti-snore & anti-grind mouth guards with tax and shipping included. Have a more comfortable sleep and wake up feeling refreshed like how those people always look when they wake up on TV shows and commercials. :-) Please let me know if you have any questions!
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