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$144 for 7-Inch Dual Core Android Tablet with HDMI, Tax and Shipping Included (Value $507)

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Deal Price: $144
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7-Inch Dual Core Android Tablet


  • Front and back camera, Android 4.2, 1GB RAM... Super fast!
  • Sleek aluminum casing
  • Install skype, Twitter, facebook & hundreds of free apps
  • Compact and portable
  • Touchscreen and simple to use
  • 7” IPS screen with multi-touch display
  • Perfect for business and for kids alike
  • Features Google Now, which does more than Siri and is connected with your email
  • WIFI compatible, supports various media formats
  • Includes adaptor, usb cable, and micro-usb to usb adaptor and earphones 
  • Dimensions: 7.63”x4.72”x0.43”

Fine Print

  • No limit on orders purchased per person or as gifts
  • No redemption required. Please make sure your shipping address is accurate to avoid delays
  • Orders are delivered within 2-4 weeks from the purchase date
  • Shipping included within Canada
  • All sales are final except if product is defective
  • Tax and shipping is included

Measuring no larger than a standard paperback, the tablet is easy to hold in one hand and even easier to stash in a bag to take on the go. Smaller hands can manipulate the 7-inch multi-touch screen without stretching or straining. A speedy dual-core processor and ample RAM ensure that everything from simple matching games to graphics-heavy grocery-shopping RPGs will run smoothly. A 8GB internal hard drive combines with a handy microSD port, which can accommodate up to 64GB of extrastorage, letting users add apps, photos, and music to their hearts’ content. A great holiday gift! 



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Feb 9, 2016

Hi folks!! Oops, looks like I had holiday brain when I initially posted on Dec 2nd -- the price of the tablet is actually $144, not $129!

Dec 3, 2015

@Betty & @Bernice, I've heard from the vendor and they confirmed that it's a Core-Pad Pro tablet. I hope this helps!

Dec 3, 2015

Hi @Betty & @Bernice, thanks for reaching out! I'll have to confirm with the vendor -- I'll let you know as soon as I hear from them. Thanks!

Bernice Johnson
Dec 3, 2015

Need to know what brand this android tablet is.

Betty Inouye
Dec 2, 2015

What is the brand?

Dec 2, 2015

Don't you wish sometimes that your laptop was smaller? Or that your phone had a bigger screen? Let's meet in the middle here with today's SocialShopper deal: $129 for a 7-inch dual core Android tablet with HDMI, plus tax and shipping is included! Please let me know if you have any questions!
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