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$25 for an Aura White Teeth Whitening Take-Home Kit (Value $75)

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Aura White Teeth Whitening Kit


  • Aura White take-home teeth whitening kit, including cheek retractor, 16% hydrogen peroxide, teeth brush-up wipe and vitamin E swab
  • Get a Hollywood smile for a fraction of the cost!
  • The polisher whitens takes minutes to use and gives that clean dentist feeling right at home
  • It helps remove coffee and wine stains, giving you a brighter smile  
  • Safe and effective with fantastic, long lasting results 
  • Perfect for upcoming events & special occasions     
  • Convenient Burnaby pick up location at Sun City Tanning Lounge, with plenty of parking
  • Makes a great gift!

Fine Print

  • Limit 5 vouchers per person, no limit on vouchers purchased as gifts
  • Must pick-up at Sun City Tanning Lounge located in Burnaby
  • Blue led light not included
  • Redeemable starting March 30, 2016
  • Paid & promotional value expires on September 30, 2016
  • Tax is not included (tax will be calculated on discounted price $25)

They say that lightning won’t strike the same place twice, and that might be true. What is true is that you can’t count on a deal this great striking twice, so you should strike now and get today's SocialShopper deal: $25 for Aura White take-home teeth whitening kit, including cheek retractor, 16% hydrogen peroxide, teeth brush-up wipe and vitamin E swab (value $75). Your smile is going to get noticed, no matter what. You might as well have the kind of bright, white, healthy smile that puts people at ease in any situation, even in the midst of a lightning storm. Thanks to Whitening Lightning you can have that kind of magical smile at prices that are shockingly good. Sink your teeth into this deal today.


Sun City Tanning Lounge
Company Website
5516 Hastings St.
Burnaby, BC
V5B 1R3

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Mar 7, 2016

Your smile can always be a little brighter, don't you think? Not movie-star white because those teeth can be seen from space. But a nice white, where when you smile, people will be like "oh wow, your teeth are so white and nice!". Get to this level with today's SocialShopper deal: Aura White teeth whitening take home kit from our friends at Sun City Tanning conveniently located in Burnaby. Please let me know if you have any questions!
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