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$19 for 6 Months of Buzzer Outsourcing Services with BuzzMeHome – Smart Apartment Buzzer, Including Phone Number (Value $39.95)

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  • 6 months of buzzer outsourcing services with BuzzMeHome
  • With BuzzMeHome, your apartment building buzzer can now be linked to multiple cell phones or don't use phones at all! BuzzMeHome gives you control to grant access through access codes!
  • Save money on your landline bill because you don’t need one! Get your personal local BuzzMeHome number to control your intercom
  • Have a big family or live with roommates? You can grant access from multiple cell phones so anyone can buzz in their guests! Our intercom will ask your visitors to press 1 or 2 or ... and will forward the call to the right person
  • Text message confirmation lets you receive a text message on your cell phone when one of your access codes is used or unauthorized entry is attempted
  • You can create and update access codes; when you're expecting guests or cleaners but you're away and don’t want to be bothered, just give a BuzzMeHome access code to your visitors, and they can let themselves in!
  • BuzzMeHome is cloud-based, no hardware required, simply provide your BuzzMeHome phone number to your property or building manager and the rest will be taken care off
  • A smarter apartment buzzer in 4 easy steps:
    • Sign up to get your BuzzMeHome phone number (provide your SocialShopper voucher code at time of registration)
    • Give your BuzzMeHome number to your property or building manager
    • Set up your access codes and/or forwarding phone numbers
    • Enjoy! Let your buzzer do some work for you
  • Check out their informational Youtube video
  • Makes an amazing gift and makes anyone's life so much easier!

Fine Print

  • No limit on vouchers purchased per person or as gifts
  • Limit 1 voucher per property
  • To redeem your voucher, create an account on BuzzMeHome, providing your voucher code and follow further instructions
  • Valid for 6 months worth of service from the day of registration/account creation
  • Includes a phone number for a separate buzzer line and can be linked to multiple users in the same property
  • Valid for building intercom systems linked to a cell phone only (rather than a hard wired buzzer)
  • Redeemable starting March 10, 2016
  • Paid & promotional value expires on September 10, 2016
  • Tax is included

Your home is your castle, and now you can get total control over your drawbridge with today’s awesome deal: $19 for six months of Smart Buzzer services, including phone number (value $39.95) from BuzzMeHome. Having a buzzer built into your wall, or tied to a landline, is practically medieval, especially now that BuzzMeHome can bring your door buzzer into the 21st century with the Smart Apartment Buzzer. Ditch the landline and link your buzzer to your phone, or multiple phones, or no phones at all and get secure access codes instead. It’s all under your control, and you can even set up text message notifications so you know when a code is used or when someone tries to get it. No more buzzer, no hardware, no way should you miss out on this deal from BuzzMeHome and


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477-280 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC

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Katelyn Bishop
Mar 8, 2016

Whether you live alone or have a Von Trapp sized family, today’s SocialShopper deal is convenient for everyone: 6 months of smart buzzer services, including phone number from BuzzMeHome. You can grant access to 1 or multiple phones so anyone can buzz in their guests using their cell phone! What’s even more convenient? You don’t have to be in your building to let a trusted cleaner, dog-walker or bff into your place while you’re busy working away or living life outside of your apartment. Get out and live a little! Without any inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any questions!
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