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$59 for Self-Inflating Outdoor InstaLounger in Blue - Tax Included (Value $159)

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Deal Price: $59
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  • InstaLounger guarantees a restful and relaxing lounging experience with the super comfy design of their inflatable lounger
  • Outdoor inflatable lounger comes with a 3-month unconditional warranty so that you can count on a reliable purchase
  • It’s easy to use - simply open against the wind to allow for the bag to fill up then tie up with the internal PVC and you’ll be lounging in no time!
  • Check out this video to see just how easy it is!
  • Camping? Beach? Swimming? Sleeping? The inflatable lounger can be used in any environment so that you can experience true relaxation, pick your place, and you’ll be lounging shortly
  • You will feel instantly more comfortable lying on a cloud stuffed with air with the ability to withstand up to 400 lbs so you and your friends can relax together!
  • Follow them on facebook for videos on how to use the InstaLounger and more!
  • Stock up for yourself and makes a great gift!

Fine Print

  • No limit on number of vouchers purchased per person or as gifts
  • Attention: No Redemption Required
  • Redeemable immediately at time of purchase, just fill out shipping address at time of checkout
  • Redeemable starting July 14, 2016
  • Paid & promotional value expires on October 14, 2016
  • Tax is included 
  • Canada-wide shipping not included: $10 will be charged at checkout per item purchased (please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping) 


Imagine being able to relax on a floating bed of air instantly in any location. No more sitting on the hard ground or getting sand into your clothes thanks to today’s SocialShopper deal: $59 for an outdoor inflatable lounger in blue from InstaLounger (value $159). The InstaLounger is designed for instant relaxation experiences using breakthrough technology and highly durable materials. Packs up into a small, easy to carry with you anywhere bag! Next time you go to the beach or have a picnic at the park, you’ll be lounging in style!


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Katelyn Bishop
Dec 1, 2016

Hi @Rachel - we apologize for the delay in your refund process. A cheque is in the mail as of today so you will be receiving your refund very soon. Thank you for your patience.

rachel baker
Nov 29, 2016

I still have NOT received a refund or a reply back from Social Shopper regarding my refund.

rachel baker
Nov 2, 2016

On October 4th i was told by "Jack" your customer service rep that i would be refunded for this item as there way of confirming the item had been shipped. 4 weeks later i am still waiting for some form of reimbursement as promised. I have sent multiple emails to your customer service team over the last few weeks and still waiting for my reply. I am extremely disappointing.

Katelyn Bishop
Oct 11, 2016

Hi @Jeannine, please email [email protected] and our customer service team will get back to you. Due to an issue with our supplier we are looking into reimbursement options and customer service will be able to help you with that. Thank you!

Jeannine Patora
Oct 8, 2016

I too am still waiting for my order, please let me know the status of shipping! our summer is over now but I'd like it for a trip to Mexico in November if i can! Order # 575440 July 15/2016

Katelyn Bishop
Sep 26, 2016

Hi @Shannon - we received your support ticket #15812 so you will be hearing from our customer service team shortly regarding this issue. Thank you very much.

Shannon Larson
Sep 23, 2016

I ordered 2 of these InstaLougers over 4 weeks ago and am still waiting. Based on the comment above I am also getting nervous that it's not going to arrive. Is there anyway to see where it is at in shipping.

Katelyn Bishop
Sep 14, 2016

Hi @Rachel - I'm sorry to hear about the delay in shipment for the product you've ordered. Our customer service team will be reaching out to you again with an update right away. Thank you

rachel baker
Sep 13, 2016

I ordered this product on July 31 and 6 weeks later i still have yet to receive this product. I reached out to Social Shopper a few weeks after my order because i received no communication from the vendor. The only thing i was told is that it is to be shipped within a few business days after my order. Weeks went by and then most recently i reached out to InstaLounger via their website and have yet to be contacted. I am very disappointed with Social Shopper and InstaLounger.

Katelyn Bishop
Jul 13, 2016

Ever lay on your back, look up at the clouds, and think "I want to sit on that"? Well dreams really can come true with the latest summer seating craze. The InstaLounger is a highly portable inflatable chair which will keep you comfy wherever you take it. It's perfect for a moonlight cinema session in Stanley Park; a few chapters of your book down at Wreck Beach; or just when you're looking for something soft to sleep on. The best part is that this little wonder product is coming right to your door with Canada wide shipping! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
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